Find out if you're at risk of flooding in England


As the UK’s leading flood prevention specialists, M3FLOODTEC works with a range of clients delivering Property Level Protection (PLP) schemes.

Flooding is an ever increasing natural event and will continue to affect property as global development and climatic change increases.  Global understanding that something has to be done is increasing however many are unaware of the products and services that are currently available to mitigate and prevent the effects of flooding.

M3FLOODTEC provide a range of simple to install products that can prevent domestic and commercial flooding and have technical staff with several years of experience available to help with any potential flood situation.

Between 2010 and 2015 over 6000 properties in the UK have installed and deploy M3FLOODTEC products. Larger commercial and industrial solutions are also available dependent on size and scales of protection that are required.

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Find out if you're at risk of flooding in England

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