Commercial Property Flood Resilience

Commercial Property Flood Resilience Commercial Property Flood Resilience


For larger more expansive industrial, commercial and infrastructure flood resilience we can offer full turnkey solutions from design through to commission, or bespoke elements to an overall flood mitigation project. These may include Flood Gates, Defence walls, Self-Activating barriers as well as deployable systems. M3Floodtec have proven systems for all flood events.

Working in partnership with many of the UK’s leading building and civil contractors, we are recognised as one of the UK’s leading flood Companies who ensure innovation, professionalism and quality workmanship is delivered on every project.

Our staff work in partnership with our clients often using industry specialist including designers, engineers, and manufacturers to deliver high profile flood mitigation contracts for a wide range of private and public sector clients including leading players in the utilities, water, and transport sectors.

Over 300,000 business premises across the UK are currently at risk of flooding.

RICS - Guide to Flooding

Businesses are more likely to be flooded than destroyed by fire.

Environment Agency

Flooding is the most likely peril to cause damage and disruption to UK business property.


Our staff have extensive experience in high profile construction and flood mitigation projects across the UK as well as Internationally.

Delivering a wide range of successful contracts for leading energy, utility, and transport infrastructure providers and also for local community and regional authority councils and the Environment Agency.

Our technical specialist’s expertise, working alongside our manufacturing partners and installation teams extend from the development of flood mitigation measures to commercial and industrial units, retail parks, leisure facilities and public buildings including community amenities and genera infrastructure.

Our team have extensive experience in seamless project management from design concept through to commissioning and final handover, with options for ongoing maintenance programmes. Working with established industry experts and specialist contractors ensures successful delivery for all projects regardless of size or location.



01. Self Activating Barrier (SAB)

A state of the art automatic flood barrier that is activated by the rising flood water providing permanent flood protection. Available from 600mm to 2.5m in height and can be supplied in up to 15m long sections that can be joined together to protect any required length. Ideal for large area flood protection including rivers, estuaries and sea fronts.

02. Flood Alarm

Receive instant automatic SMS and Email messages as soon as rising water triggers the alarms float sensor, flood alarms can be positioned at any desired level to provide advanced warning as soon as flood waters begin to rise allowing time to deploy flood protection measures.

03. Anti Flood Airbricks

The Anti-flood Airbrick is the world’s first BSI Kitemark certified airbrick to protect against flooding. It is the most efficient and effective airbrick replacement on the market. Its superior design is passive and it is self-activated by only one moving part. Designed to replace a standard airbrick it allows air to freely pass through, but under flood conditions its self-activating gate will automatically shut off.

04. Flood Defender Wall

Flood barriers can be installed across doorways or other openings to stop water from entering a building. Our BSI Kitemark Certified barrier range is a demountable flood barrier system that can be either single barriers or multi-barriers linked together to form a Defender Wall.

05. Flood Windows

Robustly engineered toughened or ballistics grade glass flood proof windows maintain the light into your building yet provide the protection against flood water. Manufactured from PVC and using the same fixing detail as used on our range of flood doors Defender flood windows keep buildings safe against rising flood water.

06. Toilet / Sink/ shower Bung

A low cost easy to install inflatable stopper that is inserted inside the toilet bowl, inflated with a simple bicycle pump to stop flood water accessing the building from underground sewer pipes,  available in 2 sizes for standard toilets and sink, bath and shower waste systems.

07. Relocating Valuables

Locate valuable items on high shelves downstairs or on upper floors to ensure they are placed above the predicted water levels. Reducing the loss of any irreplaceable items or importanant documents

08. Timber Flood Door

Introduced in 2021 a range of timber flood proof doors manufactured from Accoya, an engineered hardwood which has excellent insulation properties, performance sustainability and longevity. The close grain is 100% waterproof and set with our patented sealing system will provide a guaranteed water proof external door to last year after year.

09. Raised Electrics

As part of resilience measures, it is a good idea to move electric sockets above the predicted water levels.

10. Glass Wall Barrier

Effective flood protection without blocking off the view, fabricated from high strength polycarbonate or impact resistant / Ballistics grade Glass with aluminium frames. Glass flood barriers can be bolted onto existing substrates to provide high quality permanent flood protection able to withstand almost all flood conditions.

11. Flap Valves

A simple low cost plate valve that can be fixed to any watercourse pipe outlet. Remains open when water level is below the pipe invert but closes and prevents water ingress as soon as the water level rises above the pipe. As water recedes the valve opens under its own weight allowing water to flow through the pipe and back into the water course, available from 100mm to 2.0m diameter.

12. Non Return Valves

Flooding to Infrastructure and property is just as likely to occur from beneath the ground surface as from above. Water will back up in underground pipes, drains and even surcharge the soils, so it is equally important to consider what is below ground as well as above when planning flood resilience. Our NRV range covers 100mm to 300mm diameter.

13. Steel Flood Doors

Manufactured in the UK, the Steel Flood, Fire & Security door is designed to offer secure protection against flood, fire and unauthorised entry. Highly versatile and cost effective.

14. Puddle Pump

If flood water enters a property, Puddle Sucker Pumps can be used to pump the water out. Our pump is able to pump down to 1mm which makes it suitable for pumping large and small areas of water. 

15. Sump & Pump

The sump and pump system sits below the ground floor to pump out water that enters a property that flows through the ground. The pumps are designed to move water faster than it can flow into the building.

Flood Defence Glass Wall Barriers

M3 Floodtec Glass Wall Barriers are designed to offer unobtrusive, maximum protection without compromising the views.

More info
Flood Defence Glass Wall Barriers
100% Passive Protection from River & Tidal Flooding
Self Activating Barrier (SAB)

The Self Activating Barrier’s success can be attributed to its’ simple yet ingenious approach to flood defence.

More info
Self Activating Barrier (SAB)
The SAB is BIM Level 2 Compliant
Flood & Storm Tide Gates

The One Man Operational (OMO) Flood Gate is a horizontally opening flood gate. The gate is controlled manually, with an option for hydraulic or electronic control.

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Flood & Storm Tide Gates
One Man Operational (OMO)
Steel Flood & Security Door

Manufactured in the UK, the Steel Flood & Security Door is designed to offer secure protection against flood and unauthorised entry.

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Steel Flood & Security Door
Manufactured under ISO 9001 standards
Flood Defender Wall

The Flood Defender Wall is a demountable flood barrier system suitable to span wide apertures and is quick and easy to install.

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Flood Defender Wall
Lightweight, robust and easy to deploy
Commercial Property Flood Resilience
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