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The Flood Defender Wall is a demountable flood barrier system. The system is easily deployed and lightweight, but robust. Specially designed extrusions provide optimal sealing for reliable flood mitigation.

Using a series of demountable posts, the Flood Defender Wall can span any width over 2.5m and can be manufactured up to a maximum height of 1000mm. Pre-installed side rails and grounds sockets for the demountable posts allow the Barriers to be installed quickly and easily in the event of a flood.




Bespoke sizes

Bespoke to each situation
Any width, choice of heights up to max 1000mm



2 year manufacturers guarantee



Virtually invisible fixings


Efficient Operation

Easy to install, single person operation


  • Lightweight, but robust
  • Easy to install – can be deployed with speed in emergency flood situations by one person
  • Bespoke widths and heights
  • Suitable for disabled access
  • Integrated ID tags on each barrier for easy identification during deployment
  • Specialist fixtures to ensure parts have a long life span
  • Option for side rails and demountable posts to be powder coated
  • Suitable for coastal, freshwater and brackish water conditions


  • Can span any width, using a series of demountable posts
  • Can be manufactured up to a maximum protection height of 1.2m (subject to survey)


  • The defender wall uses a reversed C channel into the ground. This provides optimal protection as the barrier is sealed against a level threshold.
  • The dead level threshold makes it ideal for disabled access, prevents tripping and allows vehicles to drive over the threshold without causing damage.


BARRIER (Defender Barrier): The barrier is lightweight engineered flood board, which combines manageability with rigidity. The single piece board has a sealed aluminium frame for strength and top handles for ease of use. The seals are extremely efficient “closed cell” EPDM rubber seals which form an effective barrier.

SOCKET/BASE PLATE: Manufactured from galvanised mild steel. The sockets come with two options dependent on ground conditions, circular for sites with good ground conditions and rectangular for areas with poor ground conditions. The socket is cast into the floor below ground leaving only the flip lid visible. The socket acts as an anchor for the post to transfer any impact loadings into the ground.

DEMOUBNTABLE POSTS: Manufactured from aluminium, the posts sit in the socket. The post is demountable so when the Flood Defender Wall is not in use it is stored in a nearby location. The post is designed to easily bolt to the sockets. It’s also specially design to allow the barriers to easy slot into position. The posts can be powder coated on client’s request.