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The installation of a sealing system for cable ducts & building entries is a simple and effective solutions to protecting against flood water ingress. The RISE RAPID Duct Seal is a multi-cable and pipe transit sealing system, delivering proven technology and the highest levels of lifetime sealing performance.

Once installed, the sealing system can provide up to 50 years of protection with no maintenance. Adding, removing and replacing cables can be done easily.

It consists of only two components: NOFIRNO sealant, a high quality silicone based sealant and NOFIRNO rubber multi sleeves.

The elasticity and high bonding strength of Nofirno sealant offers a flexible seals which resists movement, shock, vibration and high pressure.


Independently tested to prove no deterioration in performance for more than 50 years.

Flood tested from front and back of seal.

Easy Installation

Quick and easy to install in both horizontal and vertical ducts.

No frame required and can seal irregular shaped openings.


Easy re-entry for adding, removing and replacing cables.

No Maintenance

Provides 50 years protection with no maintenance.

Cable Support

Provides long term support to cables & is suitable for trefoil and large power cables.