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Two Castles Housing, Carlisle


Carlisle was severely flooded in December 2015 when Storm Desmond brought prolonged, torrential rainfall to the area; over 2,000 properties were directly affected. On 6th December the flow in River Eden was the highest ever recorded, and the flood levels in some areas of the city were 600mm higher than the previous record set in January 2005.


A key prerequisite of this project was that the properties were protected with no visual impact – this was achieved using market leading Composite Defender Door’s complemented by Defender Windows.

The windows are constructed with a ‘top opening’ function and weep vents are strategically positioned in the lower door frame to ensure no internal build-up of condensation.  Both the doors and windows are manufactured incorporating specially designed seals and locking mechanisms to ensure the risk of flood water entering the property in minimised.

As well as the Flood Defender Doors and windows having no negative visual impact on the property, due to the passive nature of the products, the real advantage to residents is that they can relax, knowing their property is protected 24/7.

Along with the doors and windows, NonReturn Valves, Flood Defender Barriers and Anti Flood Airbricks were also installed to the properties that required them, in order to provide holistic protection.