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Trewerry Mill, Cornwall


Trewerry Mill is a Grade II listed holiday cottage based in St Newlyn East, Cornwall. Positioned between a brook and a wooded, tranquil valley, Trewerry Mill is a popular holiday destination booked out for most of the year.

However, the idyllic, picturesque surroundings that enhance the beauty of Trewerry Mill have also wreaked havoc to the cottage whenever heavy rainfall occurs. The brook often overflows causing surface water flooding with nowhere to go because of poor drainage systems


A site visit took place and a discussion with the property owner to determine the best solution to use. The main stipulation was to own a passive system. As the property is largely used by the public, the owner expressed his requirement to use a measure that would activate automatically when flooding occurs to save his customers needing to put these precautions in place.

As Trewerry Mill is a listed property no alterations or attachments could be added to the building. The best solution was to install two passive flood defence solutions into the ground, making no aesthetic alterations to the property and preventing further surface flood water entering. The passive flood defence barriers were measured at 2.5m x 1.2m and 1m x 1.2m and built into  GRP basins in between existing bund walls in order to accommodate the cottages front and rear entrances.