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Perranarworthal, Cornwall


A regeneration project of Perran Foundry in Perranarworthal, Cornwall is underway to create a new housing development incorporating the grade II listed foundry building. This scheme offers a combination of apartments, riverside houses and cottages all in close proximity to the River Kenall. Boasting beautiful landscapes and keeping its heritage at the forefront of design, Perran Foundry is set to become a picturesque addition to the quaint village.

Due to the development being in such close proximity to the River Kenall, it was necessary for flood defences to be incorporated during the design stages in the unlikely event of the river overflowing into the foundry. The flood defence solution was to be installed to protect the car park entrance, ready to deploy whenever flooding to the development was imminent.



Once an initial survey had taken place, a number of issues came to light that had to be taken into consideration when specifying a flood defence solution.

It was decided that the first generation passive flood defence system would be the most suitable solution for this project. Installed underground, the passive barrier would rise whenever flood water enters into the foundry.

In order to install the barrier, preparation needed to be taken due to previous issues unveiled. The primary issue identified was the ground conditions – high ground water levels and poor soil strength could potentially lead to the stone gable end becoming unstable. To overcome this challenge, our specialist technical staff worked closely with a specialist ground work contractor who designed the foundations of the development in order to support the flood defence system.