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Nottingham Land Registry


Following a history of the nearby canal flooding the surrounding area, Nottingham Land Registry decided to implement a series of flood alleviation measures to protect the underground car park. The client’s main requirement was that the car park entrance would not be obstructed in any way.

The majority of the site had previously been protected from flooding by the canal’s elevated wall, however, due to climate change the water levels had risen above the predicted level of the canal wall. It became apparent to the client that the underground car park was at risk of surface water entering in a flood situation and causing damage to vehicles within the car park.


The need for a passive product to protect the main entrance of the car park was identified. The site required a flood defence system that allowed un-impeded vehicular access and also the ability to close automatically in the event of a flood.

The Self Activating Flood Barrier (SAFB) was chosen as the optimum solution that would best meet the site’s specific requirements. The barrier is passive, requiring no human, mechanical or electrical intervention to operate. The SAFB uses the power of approaching flood water to deploy, meaning instant protection against surface water flooding entering the underground car park, whilst also remaining invisible and fully self-protected in non-flood conditions.

The solution for the Land Registry building included the 0.5m high x 3m wide barrier installed in the bund wall, the wall height of the car park was increased and a single Steel Flood, Security & Fire Door was also installed to protect the car park’s fire exit.