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Lidl, Oban, Scotland


The new build store is one of eight new-concept ‘Lidl of the Future Stores’ which are opening across Scotland.

Oban most recently flooded in December 2013 and again in October 2014. The area near to the store site is prone to flooding during extreme high tides, large fluvial events or backup in the local sewer network. Therefore, the new building was identified as requiring flood mitigation measures.


Flood Defender Barriers were identified as the ideal solution to provide flood protection for the store.

In total, 11 Flood Defender Barriers and 1 Flood Defender Wall were required. They provided protection for the shop front customer entrance, store and utility room entrances around the building and the vehicular delivery area.

The rails for the Flood Defender Barriers were fixed into proton block using chemical anchor sleeves and associated fixings.

The Flood Defender Barrier is BSI Kitemark certified. It is lightweight yet strong, so it can be installed quickly and easily in an emergency flood risk situation.

The Flood Defender Wall, which was used to protect the delivery entrance, is able to span any width using Flood Defender Barriers with a series of demountable posts.

The installations of the Barriers and Wall was completed in September 2016 and the store opened at the end of the year.