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Ledbury Rugby Club


Ledbury is an idyllic market town in Herefordshire, home to many quaint historic buildings dating back from the 16th century. The small market town is known for flooding as the River Leadon that runs through Ledbury often bursts its banks leaving a trail of chaos to homes, schools and businesses.

Ledbury Rugby Club is situated close to the River Leadon so is often under threat whenever heavy rainfall occurs. 1999 and 2007 proved to be challenging years for the club as it suffered extensive damage due to extreme heavy rainfall. Teamed with a number of more recent near misses, these events have led the club to take positive action to protect their assets.


Following years of flooding threats the club rallied around to raise awareness with a ‘Fund the Bund’ campaign specifically to raise money for flood mitigation solutions to be installed to their club house.

Our specialist technical staff visited site to conduct a survey, which identified the best flood mitigation solutions. It was determined that a selection of flood defence products should be installed, including 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valves, Anti-Flood Airbricks and also five passive flood defence barriers.

The five passive flood defence barriers will be installed between bund walls to provide a passive solution as part of the flood mitigation project.