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Donyatt & Sea, Wessex


Several properties in the villages of Donyatt and Sea, Wessex, were identified as being at risk of flooding by the Environment Agency.

The village of Donyatt is at risk from the River Isle, and has suffered significant flooding events, most notably in 2012 and 2015. Nearby, the village of Sea is at risk of surface water and groundwater flooding from the Dowlish Brook, which caused flooding events in 2008 & 2016.

Following various flood protection options being investigated by the Environment Agency, Property Level Protection measures were chosen as the most beneficial option for this area.


JBA Consulting undertook surveys to assess the level of flood risk to each property, flood mitigation measures were then installed to the 9 eligible properties in Donyatt and Sea.

Across the scheme, a mixture of UPVC Flood Defender Doors, Monocoque Composite Flood Defender Doors, Timber Flood Gates, Flood Defender Barriers and Sump & Pump systems were required. Non-Return Valves & Backwater valves were also installed as the foul drains in this area pose a high risk of flooding.

2 of the 9 properties are listed buildings, so careful consideration had to be given to ensure that any products installed were compliant with listed building restrictions.

For one of the properties, rising groundwater had previously caused flooding to the front driveway, so the Sump & Pump system was modified to incorporate a French drain system to capture and drain away any rising flood water.