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Community Protection, Huddersfield


To protect a collection of homes and offices based in Huddersfield from an adjacent canal. The properties most recently flooded in December 2015 as torrential rain brought many problems on the roads and local area.


It was decided that a One Man Operational (OMO) Flood Gate would be the most appropriate solution as it would provide flood protection for all of the properties and the car park.

The OMO Flood Gate has the significant advantage of requiring no human intervention at the start of a flood. In addition, there is the benefit of increased security for the residents.

Working closely with KDS Construction, our specialist technical staff designed the OMO Flood Gate so that it could be retro fitted onto the newly built concrete wall with brick cladding. High-performance resins and anchors were used to secure the gate to the aperture. Our specialist technical staff specifically designed the 2 metre high OMO Flood Gate to meet their clients’ requirements, which was then manufactured by Qutec. The process from initial design of the gates to installation took 18 weeks.

The newly developed design allows for quicker installation of the product. Adjustable hinges help with onsite fitting and a new clamp locking system helps operators close the gate easily as well as providing secure locking. An angled threshold means that there is no step to pass through the gate, instead a small ramp allows vehicles to drive through. Specialist bearings which are water resistant and require no grease reduce maintenance and improve the performance of the gate with no application of lubrication.

The OMO Flood Gate is an extremely cost efficient product and with appropriate maintenance it has a life span in excess of 25 years  with zero operational costs. Therefore, the gate has none of the high on-going expenses associated with manually operated systems.  Now that the OMO Flood Gate has been installed to protect the homes and offices, the owners are able to get insurance on the properties.