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Monterrey Galerais, Mexico


Monterrey is located in the north of Mexico and is home to the country’s leading shopping mall, Monterrey Galerias, which houses the largest luxury retail stores in Mexico.

A devastating event to occur in Monterrey was Hurricane Alex in 2010, leaving many parts of the city beyond recognition. Reports claim the Nuevo Leon capital was one of it’s greatest victims, leaving chaos and destruction in its wake; much of Monterrey’s infrastructure was damaged, with electricity down, transportation links severely affected and safe drinking water hard to come by.

Flooding frequently affects the popular shopping mall, mainly around the rainy season from August to November. Unpredictable heavy downpours can often result in flash flooding within minutes.

Mexico is generally known for its unpredictable weather patterns, rain tends to be heavy downpours which can create flash flooding within minutes. 

Monterrey Galerias has an underground carpark which has two entrances and exits, these are the areas that suffer from water ingress when such heavy downpours occur.

These images were taken from press in Mexico showing the extent of damage wreaked on Monterrey following flash flooding


It was decided our passive flood defence system would be the best product to use, a solution requiring no human intervention, powered to rise by the oncoming flood water.  38 linear metres, a total of 6 barriers, were specified for installation to the underground carpark in order to protect all entrances and exits, in particular an entrance used by HGV delivery vehicles.

The HGV delivery entrance required the barrier to be manufactured using specific tailored components. Increased fittings were used on the support block for this 8m barrier, to ensure it could withstand the high frequency of heavy load traffic to the shopping mall over a long time period.

"We were pleased on how well the barrier installation went and especially how great the site team and we worked together in order for the installation to go smoothly and provide the ideal flood protection. The contractors enjoyed working on this project as it was a first for them and were impressed on what the system was capable of"

Specialist technical staff