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Freuchie Mill, Scotland


The small community of Freuchie Mill in Fife, Scotland, was devastated by flooding of the notorious culvert running through its cul de sac in August 2008. More than a dozen homes were flooded, elderly residents were trapped in their homes, and in one case part of a garden collapsed, leaving a gaping hole 12m wide. Freuchie Flood Action Group was instrumental in subsequently bringing an overwhelming case for flood defence to the attention of Kingdom Housing Association.


Scott Bennett Associates, Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers, prepared a specification for mitigation measures, including key products, as well as the innovative passive self activating system.  Due to the rapid onset nature of Freuchie’s flooding history, solutions which deploy automatically were sought by the consultants.  The specification comprised a combination of protective measures including the Mainline Fullport Backflow Valve to prevent sewage backflow flooding, automatic airbrick protection using the Anti-Flood Airbrick, Defender™ barriers, and Scotland’s first passive flood defence system.  A programme of works was subsequently implemented during the winter of 2010/11 by local contracting firm Thomas Menzies Builders. 

The flood defence system provides automatic, instant reaction to imminent floods, offering optimal protection against future high water levels.  The project has been widely acclaimed as being a highly innovative solution to meet the growing needs for passive flood defence, eliminating the requirement for human intervention. 


"In flood prevention and protection project terms this is a small and relatively inexpensive project that has massively improved the flood protection for three Freuchie Mill dwellings and added protection from sewer flooding to all Kingdom Housing Association properties."

John Thomson
Freuchie Flood Action Group, April 2011.