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Flood Protection - Stourpaine, Dorset


Heavy rain and flooding battered parts of the UK during the Christmas break in 2013, causing upset and misery to those affected. Homes in the South were amongst the worst affected, residents were forced to abandon their home on Christmas Eve.

North Dorset has continued to suffer from extreme weather conditions and therefore has been identified as an area requiring protection. Stourpaine, a village in the county, is home to 100 properties eligible for property level protection to mitigate the risk of future flooding.


Funded by the Environment Agency, the properties involved in the scheme were located in a conservation area with a number of listed properties.

It was clear that most of the properties suffered from ground water and surface water flooding. It was because of this Sumps & Pumps were recommended along with Flood Defender Barriers, Anti-Flood Airbricks and Non-Return Valves. Many properties were also flooded via bottom floor rooms ie basements, Waterstop was used to treat brickwork to create a waterproof seal.