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Eathorpe, Warwickshire County Council


The village of Eathorpe in Warwickshire has suffered from flooding several times when heavy rainfall causes the nearby River Leam to burst its banks.

The majority of the area is protected by a wall and trees on the riverside, however, Warwickshire County Council decided to implement a series of flood mitigation measures to protect several properties at risk in the village.


One of the properties included in this scheme, The Cottage, was identified as requiring a Timber Flood Gate – a flood defence solution that enables easy access to the property, but that can also be closed swiftly in the event of imminent flooding.

The Timber Flood Gate is passive; once the homeowners close the gate, it protects the property from rising flood water. The Gate is easily closed - drop down bolts and locks help create a strong seal connection and a slightly raised curb stone is used to help seal the gate whilst also allowing vehicular and pedestrian access.

For The Cottage, a 1.2m high x 2.4m wide bespoke Timber Flood Gate was manufactured and installed in place of existing gate on the driveway. To provide holistic flood protection to the whole property, a Flood Defender Barrier and UPVC Flood Defender Door were also installed.